Do you have questions about the service we provide? Below are some answers to the most common questions we’re asked.


On average, for a standard shipment, it will typically take 24 to 72 hours from the time your booking has been received to schedule a time for pick up. Expedited services are available for rush shipments and time sensitive transports.
Your vehicle will be insured against in-transit damage caused by carrier negligence or equipment failure by the specific driver's insurance. Naturally occurring disasters such as hail, floods, hurricanes, avalanches, etc., along with road debris that can cause minor damage to windshields, paint, and undercarriages are not covered. The carriers assigned to haul your vehicle will always either be over-insured or adequately insured, as we also haul luxury vehicles such as Rolls Royces, Bentleys, and Maseratis. Most of our Clients utilize their own insurance against these types of incidents and costs vary depending on your carrier. Please contact your own insurance company for costs and coverage during transit
Delivery is based on many various aspects such as when your vehicle has been picked up, whether your vehicle was the first or last vehicle loaded on the auto carrier, the distance your vehicle is travelling, etc. You may either call or text to request an update on your transport status at (208)350-8590 or request an update directly on our website.
We recommend against this as the Federal and State Department of Transportation regulations prohibit the transport of household items in vehicles being transported by auto carriers. These items are also not covered by the carrier's insurance. Any damage to your vehicle due to household goods shifting or breaking is also not covered. Personal belongings left in the vehicle are shipped strictly at the owner's risk. Carriers will not inventory any belongings left in the vehicle and will assume no responsibility. Items packed in the vehicle will also add weight that may cause damage to your vehicle. If you still feel the need to put personal items in your vehicle, not household items, you must limit them to less than 75 lbs. and must be confined to the trunk or rear of the vehicle (under the window level). Under no circumstances can the car contain firearms, hazardous materials, illegal substances, or contraband.
Yes. Online tracking is available to you 24 hours a day or you can call during business hours for an update.
The farther in advance you schedule your shipment, the more time our team has to secure your transport. We prefer at least 1-2 weeks in advance, if possible. However, if you need a FAST transport, we do offer that service as well.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Venmo, CashApp and PayPal for the deposit portion of your transport. The balance due will need to be paid directly to the driver at pickup OR delivery in the form of cash, cashier's check, or United States Post Office money order.
Yes, you must notify us at the time the order is placed. The fee for this type of transport varies based on the state of the vehicle and the distance it is travelling, but the average winching fee for inoperable vehicles is $150 and that will be added to the transport cost.
We offer open and enclosed transports, and have included a brief description of each below. An open carrier is the most commonly chosen type of transport our customers choose. This is the type of trailer that the dealerships and auctions use to transport cars. This is also the most common & least expensive type of transport people use. Most of our drivers will be two levels tall and fit between 7-10 cars. Occasionally we will utilize smaller carriers, if need be. An enclosed carrier is a fully enclosed trailer which can hold 2-8 cars and they typically haul exotic cars, luxury vehicles, and classic cars. The cost is roughly 70%-90% more, but your vehicle will be more protected from the elements of road travel. Many enclosed trailers have lift gates which is an ideal way to load/unload low profile vehicles.
The customer and his/her agents agree to fully inspect the vehicle at delivery, and note any and all damages on the carrier's Bill of Lading/Condition Report that both you and the driver must sign BEFORE the driver leaves. Any claims for damages not noted on the Condition Report will not be honored! Please make sure you inspect your vehicle completely at pick up and delivery. Please note any pre-existing damages. GT Auto Transport LLC will not be responsible for any damages. This means that any and all claims for damage must be made directly through the carrier that transports your vehicle.